Breakdown: Why tornado movement is more subtle than you think

Why tornado movement may be more subtle than you think

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Some people think that tornadoes only move in one direction but that is actually not true. Tornadoes can move in all different directions but most do move from the southwest to the northeast.

In the past, many thought that all tornadoes moved to the northeast, but now through technology and trained storm spotters and chasers we know that they can move in any direction. Tornadoes are spawn out of thunderstorms, and they typically move in the direction of the thunderstorm they are within.

They can make turns too, but sharp turns are not as common. Most tornadoes will travel along the same general path and any changes are usually slight. When a tornado does make a change in movement and direction, it is because of changes within the thunderstorm from which it came.

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