Tennessee Task Force One set to assist in Dorian relief efforts in FL

Hurricane Dorian calls Tennessee Task Force One to Orlando to assist in relief efforts

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Tennessee Task Force One responders have made it to Orlando in an effort to assist in relief efforts ahead of hurricane Dorian.

The task force deployed Friday and after 18 hours in the car, 80 men and women from the team of local responders made it to Orlando on Sunday.

“We’re glad we’re here, if something is going to happen we want to be the team that’s here, and we’ll do a good job,” said Colin Burress, Memphis Fire Department Division Chief. “We are at the orange county convention center staging here. They’ve got three branches set up -- which we’re in branch two, the Orlando branch. They’ve got a branch in Miami and a branch in Jacksonville."

Tennessee Task Force One heads to Florida

The team’s original orders were to head to Miami, but after a shift in Dorian’s path the crew was re-routed.

And as the storm travels toward the U.S. their orders could change again.

“With the information we have now we’ll be staying until they tell us to move,” said Burress.

Chief Burress says they are among other response teams from across the nation.

“We have anywhere from type one teams like ourselves which consists of 80 members, all the way down to mission ready packages which is a lot smaller and more detailed to the mission like they’ve had a lot of water teams come in," said Burress.

As Dorian slowly makes it’s way to the U.S. Burress says they are using this time to do refresher training exercises.

“Breaking out our survey gear, we also did as basic as knot tying, a lot of times if you can be really good at the basics then it helps the whole process move forward,” said Burress."

He says he doesn’t know how long the team will be deployed for... but he’s thinking of the people back home.

“We’re gonna do the best job that we can and we look forward to our return," said Burress.

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