Hurricane Dorian travel restrictions impact Memphis

Hurricane Dorian causes hundreds of flights in, out of Fla. to be cancelled

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Hundreds of flights continue to be canceled because of Hurricane Dorian. On Tuesday, most of them were going in or out of Orlando.

The Orlando International Airport closed Tuesday morning as Hurricane Dorian made its way to the southeast coast of the United States.

All weekend and into Tuesday, Memphis International Airport saw cancellations and delays because of Hurricane Dorian. There’s a chance you can see them all the way until the end of the week.

Allegiant Airlines put a notice on its website saying there's a chance Hurricane Dorian could affect flights along the east coast until Thursday. The airline has direct flights from Memphis to Fort Lauderdale, which closed its airport until Tuesday afternoon, and Orlando, which ceased airport operations until further notice.

On Tuesday, there were few cancellations in Memphis, but two on the board were because of the storm.

Airports cut off travel amid Hurricane Dorian

“We have not seen too much impact from the hurricane, but we have seen flights cancelled to and from Orlando,” MEM spokesman Glen Thomas said.

Every day since Saturday, flights in and out of Florida airports to and from Memphis have been cancelled. Experts say even if you aren’t traveling to the affected areas, your aircraft could be affected.

“If you're traveling today, the next couple of days, make sure you check with your airline before you leave because there could be a ripple effect on other destinations,” Thomas said.

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Two Miami flights weren’t affected leaving Memphis Tuesday. Hurricane Dorian’s original track showed Miami in its path before the storm has moved further east.

“You never know about hurricanes or tornadoes,” one passenger traveling on the Miami-bound flight said.

That passenger was on her way to Miami to check on family. She’s thankful her direct flight was not affected.

“God has His way, but we’re still praying for the Bahamas,” she said.

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