Mississippi responders helping with Dorian in Florida

Mississippi responders helping with Dorian in Florida

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi isn’t in Hurricane Dorian’s path, but Mississippians are standing ready to help with recovery efforts nonetheless. A lot of Mississippians from a lot of agencies.

“We have deployed hundreds of personnel and ambulances for the effort with Dorian,” said American Medial Response spokesman Jim Pollard.

“Right now we have a work force of nearly 2000 American Red Cross workers that are traveling to the areas affected by Hurricane Dorian and I’m proud to say at least 20 of those workers are from the Mississippi region,” said Red Cross Communications Director Tamica Jeuitt.

The assistance is made possible by working agreements between the states called Emergency Management Assistance Compacts, or EMACs for short.

“They are basically agreements that the states work for one another and, in this case, Forida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, kind of where they are in the hurricane threat, they’ll request assistance from other states,” MEMA Director Greg Michel said.

Mississippi, which has received so much help through the years, especially during Hurricane Katrina, has responded. But there are other systems out there to watch.

According to Homeland Security, we’re ready for those too.

“We sent a scaled response to Florida because, at the time, we were unsure if the storm was coming into the gulf or not, so we needed to make sure we had Mississippi covered as well,” said Mississippi Office of Homeland Security Search and Rescue Coordinator Greg Davis.

He said there’s a satisfaction in being able to provide mutual aid to other states.

“We have team members from all over the state from several different agencies. Right now they’re waiting on go in Florida, and what’s neat about it is that we’re able to pay that back from Katrina," he said. "They were deployed in Hurricane Michael in Panama City and it was quoted to them that Mississippi’s finally able to pay it back, so it’s nice to go and be able to help.”

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