‘Lawn Mower Man’ makes stop in Frayser

"Lawn Mower Man" stops in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A man on a mission rolled into the Mid-South Friday to lend a helping hand in the Frayser community.

He’s known as the “Lawn Mower Man.”

Rodney Smith Junior has been traveling the country since 2016, mowing the lawns of the elderly, disabled, single parents and veterans for free.

He's currently in the middle of his sixth US tour.

This time around, his efforts are expanding to include local law enforcement officers because Smith says the relationship between police and members of the community is missing in many neighborhoods.

"I believe lawn care is a perfect marriage between officers and the communities to bring that together. So let's say you have an officer go to someone's house with this special police lawn mower that I have,” said Smith. “Let's just say he goes to someone's house that happens to be an elderly lady, a grandmother. He's mowing her lawn and the kids in the neighborhood think it's so cool and they come out to the officer and say, 'that's pretty cool,' and it starts to build that relationship, starts that conversation."

There's also a kids program called the "50 Yard Challenge.” It’s encouraging children to mow 50 lawns in their community for free.

Smith says so far, about 30 kids across the country have completed the challenge, earning themselves new mowers and lawn equipment.

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