Fans attend rescheduled football game for free after Germantown power outage

Germantown power outage impacts thousands

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Friday night, a fallen tree led to a power outage in Germantown that put thousands of people in the dark. Some even had to go without water.

The outage also caused the Germantown Red Devils football game to be rescheduled.

"There was a tree that fell in the neighborhood somewhere off Winchester area that took out roughly 5,000 houses and we were unfortunately in that zone,” said Marvin Townsend, Germantown High School vice principal.

Parents at the Germantown versus DeSoto Central football game say they were just four minutes into the first quarter when the power outage hit.

“The scoreboard flashed for a little while, and then it just got quiet so we all just sat around and waited,” said Emily Jefferson, parent.

An MLGW spokesperson said the outage happened around 7:15 p.m.

The game was delayed at first, but officials ultimately decided to reschedule it for Saturday morning.

The Red Devils say they were pretty disappointed with the incident.

"Both teams had momentum going last night and it's very hard to get our guys pumped back up. Both DeSoto Central and Germantown to be prepared to play on a second day after an incident like this,” said Townsend.

The school didn’t charge anyone for the rescheduled game and, despite the heat, people came out again.

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