Road rage shooting victim speaks out, suffers hand injury

Road rage shooting victim speaks

HORN LAKE, Miss. (WMC) - A road rage shooting on Goodman Road in Horn Lake left one man with an injured hand.

The victim spoke exclusively to WMC Action News 5 about the incident and the car that people should be looking out for.

Jason, who asked us not to use his last name, says everything happened very fast.

He turned onto Goodman Road Saturday, headed to a doctor's appointment. Moments later, a man pulled up next to him yelling that he cut him off. After exchanging words, the man pulled out a gun .

“Then he comes back around the right side, points it at me, and I pretty much told him he ain't gonna do nothing. And he shot the car up four or five times. Hit me in the thumb,” said Jason.

Luckily, the tip of Jason's thumb being split in two is the worst of his injuries.

“The bullet shrapnel right here... A piece of the bullet fragment that they had to pull out of my hand. Lucky, God has his arms around me there. I feel real lucky. Blessed, more like blessed,” said Jason.

Photos show the gunman shot out the back windshield and left a bullet hole in the passenger side door handle.

“No regard for life at all. Not even just me, a car could have came by, a bullet could have went through my door to a car with some kid. I mean, it's just ridiculous,” said Jason.

Jason says the gunman was wearing a white t-shirt and driving a white late 90's or early 2000's model Nissan Maxima.

After shooting at Jason, the driver immediately got onto the interstate heading toward Memphis.

“I mean, he point blank looked right at me and I didn't egg him on but I just said you ain't gonna do nothing pretty much and he shot. So, I think he was trying to kill me. I believe he was,” said Jason.

Jason says he knows he shouldn't have yelled at the driver and has learned a lesson -- especially since he has five children at home depending on him.

“He needs to be off the street he has no regard for life at all,” said Jason.

Jason asks anyone with any information to call the DeSoto County Crime Stoppers and help bring this man to justice.

Call in tips anonymously for up to $1,000 reward at (662) 429-TIPS.

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