Nurse practitioner files lawsuit against hospital after attack, attacker now suspected of recent murder

Nurse files lawsuit against Baptist Hospital after attack

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A nurse practitioner at Baptist Hospital has filed a lawsuit against the hospital after a patient with along history of assaults attacked her. The man is now behind bars after being suspected of murder.

“When I heard this lady was murdered and that he allegedly murdered her, I thought I’ve been waiting for this to happen and this is what has to happen for him to get put away," said Nurse Practitioner Bobby Stewart.

Stewart is talking about Angelos Washington who is accused of shooting and killing a woman on Wednesday at the Budget Host Inn and Suites on Airways as well as shooting two other people who survived.

Washington is the same man accused in the attack of several nurses last year at two Memphis hospitals.

Police: Man charged with killing woman at hotel

Stewart is one of those medical professionals who, according to police, was hit by Washington at Baptist Memorial Hospital in East Memphis. She works in the emergency room.

Stewart says Washington told her she could see what his problem was if she came to the other side of the stretcher. She did.

“At that point he said F you B and I see a fist coming at my face," said Stewart.

She says he hit her twice breaking her hand and breaking two bones in her neck. Stewart says she learned Washington was known to be a problem at Baptist.

“The physician that treated me said oh yeah he threatened to kill me last year," said Stewart.

Police were called and Washington was arrested.

Stewart filed a civil lawsuit against Baptist saying the hospital did not initiate procedures it had in place to protect personnel. Stewart, who actually works for an agency not the hospital, was told to file for workman’s comp through that agency. Her attorney, Sadler Bailey, says in a response the hospital took no responsibility,“It’s not our fault. We didn’t do anything wrong.”

Washington has a lengthy record of assault, something Stewart says police noted when they were called.

“They said wow he’s been in the system quite a bit," said Stewart.

But Washington keeps getting low bonds even though he has even not shown up for court. The judge handling the cases was General Sessions Judge Bill Anderson. He is the same judge who let three people charged in purse snatchings, one at Kroger, where and 81-year-old woman was pulled to the ground and had four staples put in her head, out without a bond.

Judge Anderson told me he could not comment on cases pending before him.

In a statement Baptist wrote, “We empathize with the concerns Ms. Stewart has raised, however for obvious reasons, we do not comment on pending litigation. We are firmly committed to protecting all team members, patients and visitors in our facilities. Unfortunately this is an issue that hospitals around the country are facing because we all must treat every patient who comes to our ER. We are doing everything we can to solve it, including providing training to all our staff, including our security team. We are thankful that Ms. Stewart continues to work in our ER despite this incident.”

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