Oxford Police address skepticism over department’s warrant amnesty week

Oxford Police clears skepticism over department's amnesty week

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - The Oxford Police Department wants to set the record straight -- officers won't be arresting people who come in during the department's warrant amnesty week.

After the Oxford Police Department announced it would be hosting a warrant amnesty week, people took to social media saying they didn't believe the police department.

We spoke with the chief who says people should believe.

"You're not going to go to jail. Come in and meet with us,” said Jeff McCutchen, Oxford Police interim chief.

Interim Police Chief Jeff McCutchen says he understands why people are questioning the department.

But he wants to make it known that the warrant amnesty week is not a trick.

"We're going to get you in and within a few minutes you'll be out the door with a new court date and kind of a new lease on life. You don't have this hanging over your head,” said McCutchen.

McCutchen says the city has a long docket of old misdemeanor warrants -- a couple hundred worth.

Which is why the department decided to host an warrant amnesty week this month after a court officer suggested it.

It's the first time Oxford PD has done this at such a large scale.

"Could be something like shoplifting that you didn't appear on or traffic citations that you didn't appear on,” said McCutchen.

After making the announcement on Twitter, people started questioning Oxford PD.

One person said, "I still just don't believe you" -- another person called it a "trap."

"For something so minor and if they're reaching out to these people trying to help them I definitely think they should use this opportunity to go out there and do it because it's a win, win for both parties,” said Anna Kathryn Moody, resident.

Interim Chief McCutchen says it's not a trap - it's an opportunity for the department to serve its citizens and show they're here to help.

"Yes we want to keep we want to keep them safe, but where there's places that we can meet you there it's our job to do that and that's the goal of this,” said McCutchen.

The warrant amnesty week will be held from Sept. 16-20.

Anyone can head over to the police department from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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