Breakdown: Can a cup of coffee predict the weather?

Can a cup of coffee predict the weather?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Mid-South weather can be unpredictable at times, if only we had a magic ball to see into the future? Well a weather folklore states that all you need is a cup of coffee to predict the outcome of the days weather.

In this episode of the Breakdown, we explain why this folklore is not true and you morning cup of joe might not be the best forecaster.

The folklore tells you to look at the bubbles to see if it will rain or be a sunny day in the region. If the bubbles move to the center of the cup, then you are in high pressure, meaning that the surface convex of the coffee is in the middle. Bubbles are basically air, so they migrate to the highest point. Meaning it will be a beautiful day.

Now if the bubbles form a ring around the side of the mug, we can expect a low pressure system, causing the surface of the coffee to sink in the middle and thus rain is expected. If the bubbles slowly move to the edge of the cup, some weather is expected, but it won’t last long.

While this might be fun to look at, there really is not research and credibility to the folklore. For one the coffee cup must be perfect with straight sides and the coffee must be brewed strong.

Also, a lot of times you end up with coffee with no bubbles, but you can mitigate that by adding some coffee back into the cup with a spoon so bubbles form.

All in all, there are just too many variables when making that perfect cup of coffee that will cause error in the experiment. Temperature of water, type of coffee, concentration of the brew and more could cause various results.

Either way, before you take that sip, look at the bubbles and see what your future might hold, but before you walk out of the door and get your day going, check the First Alert Weather App and get the most accurate weather forecast in the Mid-South.

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