First residents move into new Foote Park at South City

Residents ready to break in renewed housing development, Foote Park at South City

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Once the site of the last traditional public housing complex in Memphis, the former Foote Home Apartments are now transformed into a brand new community. Foote Park at South City is now saying “welcome home” to new and old residents.

They were the last of its kind in Memphis; Foote Home Apartments was the city’s largest public housing development. Built in 1940, the site spanning both sides of Danny Thomas Boulevard was filled with two-story brick buildings. But by 2016, the complex, home to dozens of low income residents, had fallen on hard times.

Three years later, and thanks to a $30 million federal grant and $30 million more from the City of Memphis the area has been reshaped to prosper and grow.

“This allows us to have an opportunity for people to have the ability to live in a place of choice that bring the amenities with it that go with the neighborhood that makes that neighborhood grow,” said Marcia Lewis, CEO of Memphis Housing Authority.

This project is not just a makeover but an entire new face for an old neighborhood.

Tameka was one of the 300-plus residents relocated for the building of the new homes.

“I think it’s a great change for the community. Like I said, it was a place to live but it wasn’t a place to call home. And now it’s homey,” said Tameka.

Seven residents moved in over the weekend. Tameka is soon to follow.

“It feels great to know that you’re moving into something new. Everything is new inside, new outside, new community, new start,” she said.

The mixed income apartments will become a community of diversity. Some will use public housing vouchers others will pay market rates all living together as one neighborhood.

Right now, crews are wrapping up work on the first phase of the project building, completing 114 units.

After all phases of the project are complete the area will create 600 homes and include a senior citizen center.

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