Lorenzen Wright’s murder suspect Billy Ray Turner appears in court

Billy Turner court appearance deems trial could be months away

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The man charged in the 2010 death of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright appeared in court Monday morning.

Billy Ray Turner’s trial was originally scheduled to start this week, but last month prosecutors told the judge they forgot to turn over some evidence.

Turner’s attorney John Keith Perry says he’s still reviewing and organizing that evidence, which includes bank records and possible video.

"There's just a lot to go through," Perry said. "It's a few banker boxes full."

The evidence delay, along with Sherra Wright's sudden guilty plea in July, may have surprised some people.

But Perry says as far as Turner, nothing changed. Perry says Turner maintains his innocence.

"I don't know of anything that substantiates a reason why he shouldn't go to trial," said Perry. “From day one he has indicated he had nothing to do with it at all and to this date I've failed to see anything that shakes my belief in what he said.”

Perry told WMC Action News 5 he's also not worried about Sherra Wright potentially testifying against Turner.

He says it would be her word against Turner's.

"From what I have read, I don't see anything that substantiates any of that except what a convicted murderer has said about my client," said Perry.

Sherra Wright is serving a 30-year sentence for the death of her husband Lorenzen, though she could be released in seven years.

Turner, who has been in jail since his arrest in 2017, will be back in court Oct. 31, when the judge could set a trial date.

Perry said he suspects the trial could be set for January or February of next year.

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