Shelby Co. Democratic Party warning voters of fake sample ballots mailed out weeks before Memphis municipal election

Concern over recent election mailer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Shelby County Democratic Party is sounding the alarm about election mailers that they say are confusing and misleading.

The mailers display a logo claiming to be from the Greater Memphis Democratic Club. In the middle it reads, "Re-Elect and Vote for those who have been in the struggle with you."

“For us, the concern is that we don’t want there to be voter confusion,” said Michael Harris, Shelby County Democratic Party chairman.

Harris says four of the endorsements on the mailer -- Cody Fletcher, Ford Canale, Chase Carlisle and Worth Morgan -- are candidates also endorsed by the Republican party of Shelby County.

“What we don’t want is for voters who look to the Democratic party for leadership and direction to be misguided by a ballot that purports to be a listing of endorsements by a Democratic organization,” said Harris.

Harris says phone calls from concerned voters alerted them to the mailer.

The Shelby County Democratic Party has not endorsed any candidates in the non-partisan election and these mailers are very concerning to them.

“We want to make sure that whenever something goes out that bears the name Democrat, that it is something that we are a part of and presenting and promoting,” said Harris.

Harris says the Shelby County Democratic Party is investigating where the mailers came from and the motive behind sending them out during early voting and so close to election day.

Harris wants every voter to double check any political mail they receive.

“Do research. We want you to research the candidates and find out as much information about each candidate, and as part of the research, look at the candidate’s platform,” said Harris.

Harris is also encouraging all voters, regardless of political affiliation, to register to vote in the ongoing election.

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