Another victim lured by men charged in the murder of Jack Luibel

Suspects lure in other victims prior to Jack Luibel

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - An unidentified victim has reported that he was lured to a house through a dating app, much like Jack Luibel, the recent White Station high graduate who was murdered. It happened the day before Luibel was killed and the suspects are the same in each case.

“The first words the guy said to me, and I won’t forget those words, if you scream I will shoot you," said the vicitim.

Police traced messaging app to suspects in murder of White Station graduate

This 20-year-old man, who did not want to be identified, told WMC his horrifying experience of how he was lured to a house in Frayser on Sept. 1 thinking he was meeting a woman he had been communicating with on a dating app.

“Her name was Savannah.”

It was just one day before former White Station High School football player, Jack Luibel, was also lured to a house in Frayser thinking he was meeting a girl he had been communicating with.

Luibel was shot and killed.

Two 18-year-old men are charged in his murder, Talas Bonds and Erin Tillman.

Two suspects charged in murder of White Station High School grad
Two suspects charged in murder of White Station High School grad (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office)

The September 1st victim says the photo he was given was of a beautiful blonde blue eyed woman. He even talked with her on the phone.

“She said her car was in the shop so she wanted me to come and pick her up.”

So he went to the address on Boone just a couple of houses down from the address listed for the suspects and a short walk to the spot where Jack Luibel was lured.

“I was just about to knock on the door and I saw them through the glass came up behind me on the steps and put a the gun to my heard.”

Police charged Talas Bonds and Erin Tillman in the robbery of the man. He says they took items from him and his car. He said Bonds wanted to shoot and carjack him.

“He walked up to the other guy and said should we kill him. I’m ready to kill him.”

The man says Tillman said it would attract too much attention so would the carjacking. And he says he wished police had known who the suspects were before the murder of 18-year-old Jack Luibel.

(source: Luibel Family)
(source: Luibel Family)

“It really saddens me that I was extremely lucky and I felt really bad for that family. My whole family does.”

Bonds and Tillman are also charged in armed robberies of two pizza delivery people on Aug. 28 and 29. One of the pizza delivery victims said one of the suspects with a gun to her face tried to pull her into the house--the same house where Jack Luibel was murdered.

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