New program helps MFD locate owners of lost pets

'Fire Finders' program helps lost pets reunite with families

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A first-of-its-kind program is making it easier for lost pets to find their way home.

All Memphis fire stations are receiving new equipment to make it possible.

It's a program called Fire Finders.

“This program basically is, if someone finds a dog out in their neighborhood you can bring it to your neighborhood fire station, which is more than likely closer to where the animal lives and then we have now, thanks to this grant, we will be able to scan the dogs,” said Gina Sweat, Memphis Fire Department director.

The program is funded by a Maddie's Fund Innovation Grant, which gives all 57 fire stations across the city their own microchip scanners.

“Anytime we can help someone reunite with their pets I think that is another life saved,” said Sweat.

Once a lost dog is brought to one of the fire stations, they will scan it for a microchip and a number will appear, which will help them reunite the dog with their owner.

“We will help them make contact with the owner, we can make the phone call for them at the fire station to see if we can reunite the owner with the person who found the animal,” said Sweat.

Memphis Animal Services is working with the fire department to make this possible.

“If this new program results in even one dog getting back to its owner and not ending up in the shelter or lost permanently, it's worth it all day long,” said Alexis Pugh, MAS director.

The Memphis Fire Department will also be one of the only fire departments in the nation with this program.

“We're not afraid to be innovative here in Memphis Fire Department but I do think our firefighters generally have a real passion for animals and dogs in particular so I think this will be a great program for us to contribute,” said Sweat.

If you lose a pet, one of the best ways to make sure you get them back is through a microchip.

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