Frayser church receives community response after vandalism

Frayser church receives community support after reported vandalism

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Monday, dozens of volunteers helped One Church pick up the mess after the sanctuary was vandalized and left destroyed. These people, many of whom are not members of the church, were inspired by Pastor Devante Hill’s request for help.

“I felt his pain and that just drew me to just come to this church and pick up a broom, pick up anything and just start helping,” volunteer Larry Love said.

“This says a lot for Frayser,” volunteer Towana Murphy said. “This says a lot for Memphis because you see so many people out here that care.”

Frayser church vandalized

The destruction Sunday brought Pastor Devante Hill to tears. The view was much different Monday and so was the smile on Hill’s face.

“It has overwhelmed me with just a feeling that it’s going to be ok,” Hill said. “That when you love and take care of the community moments like these the community will come back and take care of you.”

Despite the crime at One Church being a horrible, demoralizing act, the community's response Monday left people with hope.

“This is a terrible thing that has happened, but it’s a positive thing because we’re all working together to achieve one positive goal, one common goal and that’s to get this church back on track,” Murphy said.

“For the future of this church I hope that they bust Memphis wide open with helping the community even more,” Love said.

One Church still has tens of thousands of dollars in repairs but Pastor Hill says they will not stop holding Sunday service or helping the community, no matter what condition the sanctuary is in.

“We are going to worship here Sunday we will not allow the enemy to have that type of authority to where it will drive us out of our place of worship, no no no,” Hill said.

Hill says he will be at One Church in Frayser every day this week from noon to 5 p.m. and anyone is welcome to come and help.

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