Mississippi’s archery deer season set to open

Mississippi’s archery deer season set to open

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Even with temps reaching the 90s, archery deer season begins in most parts of the state Tuesday. But there may be more variables for deer hunters to think about when planning their hunts than in previous years.

Let’s start with the good news. If you’re a deer hunter, you’ll be able to take more deer home this season.

“The bag limit was actually increased to five antlerless deer as well as for your three buck bag limit," said Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Wildlife Chief of Staff Russ Walsh. "One of those on private land can be a buck of choice. So hunters have more opportunity this hunting season.”

If you plan to pull out a bow to hunt deer this year, Tuesday is the season kick-off for most of the state, with the exception of the Southeastern Zone and the South Delta. They’ll have to wait until the 15th. That’s typical down South but the flooding forced the delay in the Delta.

“The impact to whitetail deer was not completely known," explained Walsh. "So, in an effort to better understand the season and take a somewhat conservative approach to the season. We had discussions with our staff as well as landowners in the region.”

In addition to delaying the season by two weeks, the bag limit for that area is being reduced to two antlerless deer and two bucks. When it comes to collecting data, wildlife officials are still looking for answers about chronic wasting disease.

“We’re going into this season still with 19 confirmed positives," noted Walsh. "Majority of those are in the North part of the state along the Tennessee border. And we still have the two confirmed positives in Issaquena County.”

The agency is planning to intensify their sampling efforts by upping the number of drop off locations from 14 to 36.

And for the first time ever, hunters will be able to report their deer harvest on the MDWFP app.

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