UT linebacker Jeremy Banks apologizes for comments, behavior during September arrest

UT linebacker Jeremy Banks apologizes for comments, behavior during September arrest

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WMC) - Tennessee Vols football player Jeremy Banks from Memphis is apologizing for his comments and behavior during a September traffic stop.

Jeremy Banks, a former Cordova High football player, remains on the team after insulting University of Tennessee police officers.

UT police initiated the traffic stop after spotting Banks allegedly make a illegal u-turn. During that stop officers discovered he had a warrant for failure to appear in Knox County.

The NBC station in Knoxville WBIR obtained the footage through a FOIA.

Body cam video of Vols linebacker Jeremy Banks starts as a University of Tennessee police officer pats down the Cordova teen after pulling him over for an illegal u-turn.

Banks told the officer he was dropping off a friend on campus. It was around 3:30 in the morning, hours after the of UT-Chattanooga game.

While in the back seat of the squad car the officer allows Banks to call UT head coach Jeremy Pruitt.

“So why do you, I mean, why do you have to arrest him? Just 'cause he’d got a warrant?” said Coach Pruitt to the arresting officer while on speaker phone.

“That’s because the state of Tennessee is the one who issued the warrant so I have to take him in for that warrant,” the UT officer replied.

Video from UT Police shows Banks was in the back of the squad car for more than an hour as officers worked with him to secure a driver to move his car and talk multiple times with Coach Pruitt.

“Ma’am I don’t think you want to be a [expletive] intern because where I am from we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis, Tennessee,” Banks then told the officers.

Similar comments from Banks continued. Banks admitted to disrespecting police all his life.

“I should have ran, test y’alls speeds. Y’all would’ve never catch me,” he said.

On video the arresting officer is calm, never getting heated with the 19-year-old.

A day after the video was released Banks issued a statement “I want to sincerely apologize to my family, the University of Tennessee and the law enforcement community. I deeply regret my language and attitude in the video. I have great respect for our police men and women, and I am embarrassed by my actions that night. That’s not who I am. I promise to be a better representative for the University of Tennessee moving forward.”

Wednesday, during the SEC coach teleconference Coach Pruitt told reporters “Jeremy’s comments and behavior were unacceptable and we have addressed the matter internally.”

Coach Pruitt had previously said in a statement, “Jeremy’s behavior and comments are unacceptable and portrayed himself and our football program very poorly and he understands that. We will address the matter internally. I’m determined to do what I can to help Jeremy grow up and become a better man. Our team and staff respect our law enforcement and we will continue to educate our players on how to carry themselves at all times.”

Memphis Police did not respond to our request for comment on the statements Banks made.

Though Banks’ playing time was limited in the Florida game following his arrest, his coach said it was due to an ankle injury.

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