Memphis man reunited with wedding ring with the help of local metal detecting club

Metal detector club helps find lost ring

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Midtown man is thanking a complete stranger for helping him find a lost piece of himself. His wedding ring was no where to be found, but with the help of a Memphis club it’s back on the man’s finger.

For 45 years, LaMarr Culpepper has been metal detecting.

“I found a diamond ring once,” he said.

At first, the history buff got in to metal detecting for the connection to the past.

“I got into metal detecting by being a coin guy,” Culpepper said. “I like coins.”

At times Culpepper's hobby doesn't deliver a physical reward, but more of an emotional reward. Like when he helped out Mike Armstrong. Two weeks ago, he lost his wedding ring while playing with his kids at Vance Park in Downtown Memphis.

“I started sliding down the hill, and halfway down the hill I felt it spinning and coming off my finger,” Armstrong said.

After two days of searching the bluff, Armstrong couldn’t find the ring.

“I thought I lost a big part of me,” he said.

Someone told Armstrong to contact the Memphis Metal Detecting Club. This is where club member Culpepper comes in.

The two soon connected, and Culpepper, with his equipment and a fellow metal detector got to work. It took about 30 minutes for the mission to be accomplished.

“Within 30 minutes he had it found,” Armstrong said. “I was so happy.”

It’s that reaction that’s turned metal detecting in to a passion for Culpepper.

He often gets asked if he gets paid for helping others find their prized possessions.

“I said, ‘I sure did,’” Culpepper said. “I get joy out of seeing how happy he was and how grateful he was.”

You can reach out to the Memphis Metal Detecting Club through their website here.

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