FedEx pilot organizes career day for future aviators

FedEx pilot organizes career day for future aviators

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - FedEx pilot Capt. Corey Lynch is hoping to inspire others to find a career in aviation.

He organized the 'Bring Your Plane to Work Day' event to give future aviators the chance to speak to those already in the industry.

"There's a whole bunch of jobs -- good paying jobs that are professional," he said. "And we need the next generation to be excited about it."

The event was filled with representatives from colleges with aviation programs, military recruiters, FedEx and other businesses.

“I’m hoping there’s someone here that the students can talk to and say ‘hey, I can do that!,'” Capt. Lynch said.

Ralph Schirlo, a teacher at East T-Stem Academy brought some of his students to the event.

He said East T-Stem Academy has an aeronautics program that helps high-schoolers dip their toes into aviation.

"There's no other school in the state of Tennessee that allows students to get a private pilot license," he said.

He brought his student Dacharius Brooks to the event.

Brooks is a junior at East T-Stem Academy and is working to get his private pilot license.

His dream is to be a captain one day, and he said this event helped him network with potential future employers.

"They're in the position that I would like to be in and me being able to see them and meet them and create relationships -- I felt like that was a great opportunity," said Brooks.

This was the second year for the event, and Capt. Lynch said it has really paid off.

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