‘Bluff City Law’ star Jayne Atkinson talks episode 3

‘Bluff City Law’ star Jayne Atkinson talks episode 3
Jayne Atkinson stars as Della on Bluff City Law. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - On Monday, Elijah Strait and friends are back in action on “Bluff City Law.” Elijah, in a light-hearted moment in the show, tries to fend off some, let’s call them, neighborly, advances.

“Memphis wolves are on the prowl,” said character Della Bedford in a show teaser clip.

One of Elijah's closest confidants, Della, is there to see him through the number of women and casseroles that make it to his front door.

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Jayne Atkinson, who plays Della, stopped by WMC Action News 5’s studio ahead of the premier of episode three, which includes Elijah helping Jake free an innocent man.

“Our show is very progressive in the subject matters we're tackling,” Atkinson said.

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You see that with the case Sydney and Anthony take on. Their former law professor goes looking for their help to sue an online dating website so he can use whatever age he'd like on his profile.

“They know him well enough they know more is up his sleeve, but they can’t prove it,” Atkinson said. “Throughout the course of the episode, they prove it.”

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But this is a family law drama after all, so another layer of Elijah and Sydney’s relationship is revealed. It’s an emotional scene that drew Atkinson to the Bluff City Law script in the first place.

“Life is messy,” Atkinson said. “People make choices and they make messes. The only thing we have is to find ways to help each other clean it up.”

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 9 p.m.

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