Deadline for Real ID is less than a year away

New ID required to fly in U.S. come Oct. 2020

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - As the Real ID deadline approaches, is your driver’s license ready to fly?

Or, come October 2020, will TSA turn you away?

“You come up to the ticket document checker and the TSA says I’m sorry, this is no longer valid,” said TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein. “It really puts you between a rock and a hard place.”

It could happen.

Next year, you will need a Real ID compliant driver’s license if you plan to use it to fly anywhere within the U.S. TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein says it’s not to make traveling more painful, just safer.

If your driver’s license has a star in the right-hand corner then you already have a Real ID. If you don’t, Homeland Security is asking for you to head to the DMV and provide the necessary documents to get one.

But the detailed list varies by state.

Congress passed the law in 2005 as a response to 9/11. Now the U.S. Travel Association fears Americans won’t be ready for the change. They’re predicting big-time turbulence for travel-related spending, more than $40 million on day one alone.

“There’s lack of awareness,” says U.S. Travel Association spokesperson Tori Barnes. “We don’t want mass chaos come Oct. 1, 2020.”

If have a passport, you will be able to use it to fly, that is, if you remember to bring it to the airport.

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