Ole Miss students stage silent protest for resignation of recent chancellor hire

Students hold silent protest for resignation of new Ole Miss chancellor

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - Ole Miss recently announced the hiring of its new chancellor, Dr. Glenn Boyce, but some students are unhappy with the hiring process.

It started with a silent protest by students and faculty over the way the new chancellor was selected. It ended in a lengthy discussion by the faculty senate and a resolution demanding a detailed explanation of exactly how the chancellor was chosen.

Students protest new Ole Miss chancellor hire

“We do want the chancellor gone. We want him to resign,” said Ole Miss senior Cam Calisch.

Ole Miss senior Cam Calisch is one of several students and faculty who made signs to protest the process used to choose Boyce as the new Ole Miss chancellor. Oxford area resident Mitch Campbell joined the protest.

Ole Miss students protest new chancellor hire Dr. Glenn Boyce

“They didn’t even conclude the process. The IHL which controls it all manages all these universities that’s the responsive group made the decision and they brought in the guy that was in place committee," said Campbell.

And that is the crux of the issue. Boyce, a former commissioner of higher education was paid more than $80,000 to find the schools next chancellor. But the IHL, Institute of Higher Learning, cut the process short and ultimately gave Boyce the job even though he was not on the list of candidates.

“The reason for the outrage is the corrupt process that IHL has taken to select Glenn Boyce as our Chancellor,” said student Quay Williams.

Students protested at the initial announcement event Friday, prompting campus leaders to cancel the event.

A Twitter account named Abolish IHL announced plans for Tuesday’s protest, calling the organization’s hiring process corrupt and undemocratic.

The protesters marched out of the Grove across the street to a building where the faculty senate would meet. They stood silently holding signs then went into the meeting. After much discussion the faculty senate agreed on a resolution to be presented to the IHL that asks for specific details of exactly how Glenn Boyce was chosen.

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