Florida man wore female underwear, tried on baby clothes during break-in, deputies say

Florida man wore female underwear, tried on baby clothes during break-in, deputies say
Christopher Strickland is accused of breaking into a woman's home, threatening her and her baby, forcing her to watch porn while he masturbated, stealing thousands of dollars worth of her property and assaulting her. (Source: Escambia County Sheriff's Office)

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (Gray News) - A woman in northwest Florida didn’t know Christopher Strickland when she awoke to allegedly find him standing in her bedroom.

All she knew was that he liked to wear women’s undergarments. She spotted him sporting two bras, panties and a skirt.

That’s it.

Three hours later, he left her an emotional wreck.

After the June 2 incident, Strickland had roamed free for months. But since Wednesday, the only clothing the 36-year-old has been wearing has been provided by the Escambia County Jail.

Sheriff’s deputies told the Miami Herald that Strickland tormented the woman for hours.

First, he allegedly jumped on her and held a pillow over her face. She managed to free herself, but then he put a blade to her throat.

“If you try to get away again, I will kill your baby,” Strickland told the victim, according to an arrest report reviewed by the Pensacola News Journal.

Authorities said Strickland grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her from room to room. At one point, he reportedly tried to put on clothes belonging to the woman’s infant.

He failed.

When he got her to the living room, he allegedly forced her to sit on the couch and watch porn on his phone while he stood in front of her and pleasured himself.

The woman tried to call the police, but the man caught her. Fortunately, he didn’t make good on his threat to harm her baby.

Still, he grabbed the woman, scratched her and forced her back onto the couch.

When he was done, he reportedly rubbed bodily fluids across his torso.

As 9 a.m. approached, Strickland decided he’d been inside a stranger’s home long enough. According to the arrest report, he told the woman, “Do not call the police, because if you do, I will come back and kill you, because I am always around this area.”

Strickland made off with thousands of dollars worth of the woman’s property, including a watch, necklace, gold chain, gold ring and clothes, deputies said.

Even so, he left behind a major clue that led to his downfall. Investigators found a glass pipe he’d dropped, along with a headrest from a vehicle.

Authorities tested the DNA on the headrest and got a match on Strickland. The victim was able to identify him from a photo lineup, which led to his arrest.

He’s charged with an unnatural and lascivious sex offense, aggravated assault, battery, home invasion with a weapon and larceny.

Jail records show his bond totals $283,500. They also show a lengthy arrest history dating back a decade.

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