Memphis Zoo announces birth of jaguar cubs

Memphis Zoo welcomes jaguar cubs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis Zoo announced the birth of baby jaguar cubs. The female jaguars were born on September 4.

On Thursday, they did what all little ones hate -- they visited the doctor for a check-up.

The unnamed cubs were a little nervous, sitting through a lot of poking and prodding, and other uncomfortable stuff.

It was an easy weigh-in, making a clean bill of health for the girls.

"They look great! They actually have super round bellies and they’re well fed, they’re developing really well, they’re learning to jump and play,” said Abigail Greenwalt, Cat Country keeper.

The girls are hitting all their five-week benchmarks, making zoo keepers and first-time parents Diego and Philomena proud.

The cubs’ parents were brought to Memphis in hopes of breeding.

“We’re thrilled to welcome these two new additions to Cat Country,” said Matt Thompson, Chief Zoological Officer. “Not only are they adorable, they’re an important big cat. Jaguar populations are on the decline in the wild and we are proud to be an institution focused so heavily on conservation and research efforts.”

As for which sister has the bigger personality:

"They rough house and play like sisters, but one of them is a little bit larger. She’s braver, the first to do things, and then her sister follows her in that,” said Greenwalt.

The zoo will host a naming contest for the jaguars in the coming weeks. They are currently not yet on exhibit.

They are the first jaguar cubs born at the Memphis Zoo since Cat Country was built in 1993.

Jaguars are considered a near threatened species, with their population declining due to habitat loss.

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