Problems persist at Kroger store in Whitehaven causing renewed concerns

Renewed concerns at Whitehaven Kroger

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Mid-South Kroger is under the spotlight again.

The Kroger in the 1200 block of Shelby Drive has had problems in the past, but residents say management still hasn’t fixed all of the issues.

Shirely Holliday has lived in Whitehaven all her life and she primarily shops at the Kroger in her neighborhood.

“But it scares me that this is what I'm feeding my family from this grocery store,” said Holliday.

Tuesday, she and other concerned citizens grabbed their cellphones and documented some of their concerns.

They call what they found disturbing.

There were multiple dead flies in the cooler, blood-soaked wrapping where the meat is stored and dirty shelves.

“We would hope that they would rectify this and make it look like a store in East Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett or somewhere,” said Dr. Yvonne Nelson with the community group “My Zip”.

When we went inside the store the next day, WMC Action News 5 found some of the same problems from the day before.

There were flies in the cooler where the cheese was being stored.

Twenty-four hours later, that same blood soaked wrapping was still there even the fly hadn’t been removed.

We also found several items beyond the “Sell by” or “Use by” date. We found a package of pasta in the cooler that was nearly a month beyond the “Use by” date.

According to the USDA eating food beyond the "Sell By” or “Use by” date shouldn’t make you sick, but the quality of the food is lower.

“It was very disheartening that after all the communication that we’ve been doing back and forth with management at Kroger that we still found some of the most egregious problems,” said Lemichael Wilson, president of the Whitehaven Rotary Club.

Nearly two months ago, Kroger officials met with this same “MyZip” group to address some of the concerns for the store..

Kroger sent us this statement:

"Kroger Delta Division is moving forward to complete the $750,000 refresh of the Whitehaven Store and we are working with neighborhood leaders to uplift our store, associates and the community."

Residents say they did notice improvements to the outside of the store including trash being picked up.

Nelson says she blames lack of management at the store for the problems.

Nelson hopes to meet with Kroger officials in the near future

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