Midtown homeowner fed up with cars crashing into his fence

Midtown homeowner fed up with cars crashing into his fence

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Midtown homeowner wants to know what can be done to stop vehicles from crashing into his fence over and over again.

“I love my house but I did not expect that this would be something I would have to look forward to," said Arthur Jackson, homeowner.

Arthur Jackson has had to deal with cars constantly crashing into his fence at Union Avenue and Alicia Drive.

“The first time it really caught me off guard cause I was like, ‘well what’s going on,’ and then I came out and realized," said Jackson.

He realized a car had crashed into his fence, landing partially in his yard.

His fence is not flimsy. It is very substantial and not easy to knock down.

A couple of days ago, a car crashed into the corner of his fence, going between two trees taking out a pole that was solidly in concrete.

Parts of the car are still laying around.

Jackson says there have been more than a dozen crashes since he moved in.

He contacted the city hoping something would be done.

On Thursday, he got a response.

The city says the engineering division plans to completely modernize the traffic signal.

It could take two years -- but Jackson says that’s okay because something is going to be done.

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