Health inspectors check local Kroger store, find 10 health code violations

Health inspectors find 10 health code violations at Whitehaven Kroger

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Shelby County health inspectors returned to a Whitehaven Kroger store just one day after we revealed new concerns about cleanliness at the location.

Complaints poured in about the Kroger on East Shelby Drive. Video was sent to us last Tuesday by the Whitehaven community Group "MyZip” that shows what appears to be health code violations.

"But it scares me that this is what I'm feeding my family from this grocery store," said Shirley Holliday.

She shops at the Whitehaven Kroger on a regular basis. There were dead flies in the coolers, blood-stained wrappings for the meat and dirty shelves.

Renewed concerns at Whitehaven Kroger

At the time the pictures were taken, this Kroger scored a 93 on its’ last health inspection in March.

Kasia Smith-Alexander with Shelby County’s Environmental Health Services says the county’s 24 health inspectors or “Environmentalists” inspect grocery stores once every 18 months. If a grocery store has either a deli, bakery or sushi kiosk, inspectors make at least two surprise visits a year.

However, Smith-Alexander says things can be missed.

“By all means in between our visits, I always say there is nothing wrong with giving us a call because we’re only there for a moment,” said Smith-Alexander.

Smith-Alexander could not speak directly to the problems at this particular store, but we did notice one day after WMC ran a story about the Whitehaven Kroger, the store was inspected.

According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture website, inspectors found 10 code violations on Oct. 10 including flies in the meat prep and deli area, a broken gasket in the walk-in freezer, ice build-up in the freezer and dented cans.

“Well we’re concerned about a dented can because of botulism that still exists if a can is dented that means the seal is no longer how it’s supposed to be,” said Smith-Alexander.

The Whitehaven Kroger store’s health inspection score plummeted from 93 in March to 81.

We reached out to Kroger’s corporate office asking them to comment about these specific violations, but they referred us to their statement from last week:

“Kroger Delta Division is moving forward to complete the $750,000 refresh of the Whitehaven Store and we are working with neighborhood leaders to uplift our store, associates and the community.”

If you have a concern about your local grocery store, the Shelby County health department says you can call them at 901-222-9000 or you can reach out to them on their facebook page.

Visit to look up all grocery store’s health inspection scores.

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