New technology being tested in Memphis to battle potholes

New technology being tested in Memphis to battle potholes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - As pothole season approaches, new technology is being tested right here in the Bluff City that could help get those problematic holes fixed faster.

City leaders say the program is still in its early stages, but the goal is to help “digitize the city” by using advanced technology to address potholes proactively.

We’ve all been there while driving. Sometimes you see it in time, but sometimes you don’t.

"When I come across a pothole, they’re not safe at all. They’re real bumpy and I just think they need to be fixed,” said Jason Woods, Memphian.

WMC talked to other Memphians who say they want something to be done about the potholes in Memphis.

“Now we all hate potholes. I hate them. You hate them,” said Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.

Earlier this year, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland announced the city would be testing out new technology to tackle potholes.

A contract with vendor Carahsoft Technology, signed Sept. 30, outlines that plan.

The city will be using artificial intelligence technology through Google.

Video will be captured and processed using existing MATA bus cameras and will automatically determine where potholes and litter are located within the city.

A diagram, included in the contract, shows the process. How it goes from the MATA bus video to cloud storage, processing and eventually to 311, the city’s pothole reporting system.

A city spokesperson sent WMC a statement that reads in part, “We’re currently in the pilot phase of this program, and so far, we’re excited about the results and potential efficiencies it can bring with it.”

The city says it still doesn’t have an exact timeline on when the pilot program will wrap up.

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