Ole Miss Faculty Senate passes ‘no confidence’ vote in chancellor search process

Ole Miss Faculty Senate passes ‘no confidence’ vote in chancellor search process

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Thursday night, after hours of discussion, the Ole Miss Faculty Senate completed a vote of no confidence in the chancellor search process. It caps off two weeks of controversy following the appointment of new chancellor Dr. Glenn Boyce.

The resolution declares no confidence in the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) board and the chancellor selection process, but it does not mention Dr. Glenn Boyce by name and does not call for him to step down. ​

It does call for changes in hiring policies for executive officers at colleges across the state. ​

"This is really a reflection of the frustration that faculty have felt regarding the process and some of the issues and concerns they have had around this in its entirety," said Meagan Rosenthal, Chair of the Faculty Senate at The University of Mississippi.​

Two weeks ago, protests erupted at an introductory press conference for new chancellor Glenn Boyce, so much so that the event had to be called off. Since then protests on campus have continued decrying the process as corrupt, even as Boyce this week started work in Oxford. ​

Boyce, a former commissioner of higher education, was paid $87,000 to find the school's next chancellor as part of a search. But the IHL board ended the formal process and awarded Boyce the job despite the fact that he was not an official candidate.​

“The board runs its process. I was simply asked to come in for a meeting and talk about the position,” Boyce told reporters at an IHL board meeting Thursday in Jackson, “My efforts will be geared toward meeting people, talking to people, and having relationships with people,” in reference to his tenure as UM Chancellor.

Students say trust has already been lost. ​

"It was always about making students and faculty feel the illusion of involvement," said Adam Paul, student. ​

"Instead of doing all the stuff they said they were going to do they said we are going to throw a person in, in our area, in our comfort zone," said Keil Moss, student. ​

The IHL board released a new statement Thursday night.​

“The Board of Trustees has heard the concerns of the University of Mississippi campus community regarding the chancellor search process. We will review our search process to determine ways that it can be improved. It is unfortunate that the process has reflected negatively on the beginning of Dr. Boyce’s tenure, but we look forward to Ole Miss thriving under his leadership,” it reads. ​

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