Commission in support of lifting tax on feminine hygiene products

Commission in support of lifting tax on feminine hygiene products

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The first ever National Period Day was held across the country this weekend.

The day was planned to raise awareness about the accessibility of feminine hygiene products and the tax that often comes with them.

They're subject to sales tax in 35 states, including Tennessee, because they are not deemed as essential items.

Some lawmakers are trying to amend the tax code to get rid of the sales tax on things like tampons and pads. The Shelby County Commission is now putting its support behind that effort.

At Monday's commission meeting, a resolution will be read in support of bills at the statehouse looking to amend the sales and use tax code.

The resolution says girls often have to miss school because they don't have the access or resources to purchase pads or tampons, which can cause them to miss 10 to 20 percent of school days.

Two bills at the state house, Senate Bill 0060 and House Bill 0095, would amend the tax code, exempting state and local tax on feminine hygiene products. Those bills did not make it out of committee before the end of this year's general assembly.

The commission’s resolution requests similar legislation be brought during next year’s session.

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