Cottonwood Apartments take hit from morning storms

Cottonwood Apartment damaged after storm

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Hundreds of people at the Cottonwood Apartments near Perkins and American Way were left shaken after Monday’s storm moved past them. Several trees came down at the complex, plus some damage to the buildings.

Fanny Melendez was outside her home at the Cottonwood Apartments when the rain started coming down. Then, the wind came.

“The wind was like ‘boom,'” Melendez said. “It sounded like a ball came to hit us.”

She said she ran inside her apartment and waited out the storm with her family. They were all scared, but their apartment was not damaged.

Some residents did report building damage.

“The trees came down,” Melendez said. “Everything came down. My uncle, I'm glad he's not here, but his whole apartment was down.”

People in the neighborhoods surrounding Cottonwood Apartments quickly got to work cleaning up the storm damage. A tree came down on a home on Almo Avenue. Mary Perry's sister was in the house when it happened.

“She didn’t make it out the house because when the tree fell, it trapped her in the house,” Perry said.

Another tree, about a block away, hit Michael Pritchett’s car while he was driving it.

“It felt like the car was being crushed, and I had to find a way real quick to get out of that car,” Pritchett said.

The tree that hit Pritchett’s car was uprooted from the front yard of a home on Cottonwood Road. Another house right next to that home also had a tree fall out of its yard.

“It didn't seem like I was going to survive it,” Pritchett said.

Perry’s sister was sent to the hospital with possibly some broken bones.

“It’s a blessing she got out,” Perry said.

Blessed is how a lot of these neighbors feel having lived through what they saw.

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