GM workers continue strike while deal remains in limbo

GM workers continue strike while deal remains in limbo

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Thousands of GM workers in Memphis and across the country continue to strike weeks after the beginning of the United Auto Workers strike began.

This week, UAW is holding a vote on a proposed tentative agreement between its leaders and GM.

The proposed deal is for four years. GM promises to give temporary workers permanent jobs and a $4,500 bonus.

The company also promises to eliminate a $12,000 cap on profit sharing.

GM said permanent workers who are UAW workers would also get an $11,000 bonus, which would more than make up for lost wages during the strike.

Some UAW members appear ready to accept the deal, while others say it's not enough.

Some workers are concerned the agreement doesn't address issues like job security.

Analysts say union members may also hold out for a better deal, similar to what they did in 2015 when they rejected the first proposal.

UAW members have until Friday to cast their votes.

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