Southeast Memphis neighbors pitch in on storm clean up

Southeast Memphis neighbors deal with downed trees

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Neighbors living in parts of Southeast Memphis came together Monday morning.

“The reason we wanted to do it in the first place was because the neighbors here were blocked in and couldn’t get out of the cove and I couldn’t get out of my driveway,” said Steve Rafstedt, who’s lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade.

Rafstedt woke to the sound of sirens going off early Monday morning. After the storm passed he took a look outside.

“I had no idea it was out until I walked out and I saw the mess,” said Rafstedt.

Now, he and his neighbors are cleaning up that mess. A massive tree blocked part of Sulgrave Road and wouldn’t let cars through. Just a few streets over on Haddington Drive, Corene Patterson was also dealing with a similar situation.

"I thank god it didn't fall this way. My daughters room is there. Thank god it didn't fall," said Patterson.

Patterson heard the sirens early Monday morning and hid in the bathroom.

During the worst of the storm, a mother and child knocked on Patterson’s door seeking shelter.

“Actually they parked right there. She left her lights on, her blinkers on and everything and just ran here and banged,” said Patterson.

To report a downed tree on city streets you can call the Office of Emergency Management at 901-636-2525.

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