Family of slain alleged shoplifter hires attorney, discussions of a civil suit arise

Family of man shot, killed during shoplifting incident hires attorney

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Charles Kalb is now out on bond after being given $1 million bond Friday for the murder of 33-year-old Lamorris Robinson. Memphis Police say Kalb shot Robinson in the back with a sawed-off shot gun as he fled Mid-South Small Engines last Wednesday.

According to investigators, Robinson was stealing a chain saw from inside the store Kalb owned with his brother.

Lamorris Robinson leaves behind two little boys, 3 and 4 years old.

Memphis businessman charged in deadly shooting

Robinson’s family hired Howard Manis to represent Robinson’s two young sons. The family’s attorney is closely monitoring the criminal case against Kalb and says a civil suit against the store co-owner is likely.

“The bottom line of this case is that Mr. Robinson was shot in the back fleeing a scene. The law is clear in the state of Tennessee. This is not about Mr. Robinson this is about Mr. Kalb. And we will make sure that our case is about Mr. Kalb,” said Manis.

Tennessee law states, a person is not allowed to use deadly force to defend property.

Charles Kalb
Charles Kalb (Source: SCSO)

Manis says Robinson was recently released from prison. A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation background check revealed Robinson was out on supervised parole after being found guilty of being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun. The background check showed Robinson to have a lengthy criminal history from drug and weapon convictions to sex crimes.

Two 2007 convictions one for attempted aggravated sexual battery and the other sexual battery put Robinson on the sex offender registry.

“Regardless of how people may feel about an individual who is allegedly stealing for an establishment the employees or owners of that establishment have no right to kill an individual particularly when there is no threat of physical harm present,” said Manis.

Manis says more rehabilitation is needed to rehabilitate criminals as they re-enter society after incarceration to prevent recidivism.

Kalb is due back in court Nov. 1 on the first-degree murder charge and charge for possession of an illegal weapon.

Kalb’s attorney claims his client shot Robinson out of fear for his safety. Though the Robinson family attorney believes there is no evidence to back that claim.

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