Memphis police hunt for burglars responsible for car break-ins at U of M

Memphis police hunt for burglars responsible for car break-ins at U of M

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis police are hunting for thieves who targeted University of Memphis students over fall break. A dozen vehicles were broken into.

They were all parked overnight in the main student parking lot during the University of Memphis’ fall break.

Cameras stationed around the lot captured two men, now named suspects by Memphis Police. Security cameras also caught the duo’s getaway car, a Ford Escort with chrome rims.

One of the victims told WMC Action News 5 by phone he was alerted to the break-in by several missed calls from campus police. According to the freshman, police told him they suspected the thieves were after guns and drugs.

Thankfully, nothing was taken from his car. But he was left with a shattered window, like many of the others.

Not all victims were as lucky, police reports say one student was out $1,700 after his computer and an air pump were stolen.

Derek Myers, the assistant chief of police/director of police operations at the University of Memphis said a total of three vehicle owners reported items stolen from them.

A U of M spokesman said campus police and camera monitors all have photos of the break-in suspects and vehicle and are on the lookout.

“Police Services monitors our data and data from MPD for what is occurring on and near campus and we alter strategies accordingly. We are adding cameras and upgrading existing cameras as appropriate. We are also currently evaluating candidates in a hiring process for police officers,” said Myers.

Myers says the school adds and upgrades security cameras as needed.

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