New seated scooters roll into Memphis

Seated scooters roll into Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A new scooter company is rolling in Memphis. OjO is bringing more than 200 new scooters to Bluff City streets, but these scooters offer something different from the others.

“It’s a seated scooter, but beyond that it’s about the safety components that we bring to the marketplace. We have pneumatic tires for a safer ride, front and rear dual disc brakes,” said Matt Tolan, OjO Electric vice president of sales and partnerships.

The OjO scooters are now at docking stations across Memphis and they're being operated in partnership with Explore Bikes.

“So, we’re gonna launch at 30 explore bike share stations. That’s going to be the initial parking locations these can be found on the OjO app,” said Trey Moore, Explore Bike Share executive director.

There's also a few other features that make these scooters different.

“Certainly the bell for safety, it has Bluetooth technology so you can have audible turn by turn directions through your iPhone and you can play your tunes as you OjO and it has an adjustable seat,” said Moore.

For those dreading more scooters on the roadways, OjO company leaders say they are more beneficial than you’d think.

“The average car trip is less than three miles scooters are a great option for that. It's great for our environment this is also a sustainability play,” said Tolan.

The OjO scooters go up to about 18 miles per hour and can take riders up to 40 miles on a full charge.

“This is really designed to be ridden in the street, to be ridden in bike lanes. So, we’re doing everything we can to encourage safe use,” said Moore.

Wednesday, the company invited people to ride the scooters to their designated spots across the city.

Before they hopped on, OjO gave away free helmets to the riders.

“Helmets are not required in this jurisdiction but always recommended with OjO,” said Tolan.

Once you're done riding the OjO scooter, if it isn't returned to the designated parking areas you can be charged.

“The fee for parking outside of a station is $5 and if that is worth the convenience then that is an option for our users,” said Moore.

The scooters are a $1.25 to start and 20 cents for every minute it’s used.

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