Germantown leaders debate ban for certain apartments

Germantown leaders debate ban for certain apartments

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (WMC) - Germantown leaders have spent months discussing what to tell developers who want to build apartments within their city limits.

It’s a controversial topic with residents concerned with what more apartments will mean for infrastructure and safety. Dr. Abdul Baig lives in Germantown and his biggest concern is traffic.

“They type of streets we have here, whether it's Kirby or Poplar or Germantown Road. I don't think they will be able to accommodate,” said Dr. Abdul Baig, resident.

Wednesday, a sub-committee of the city's planning commission met and made small clarifications to the mayor and board alderman's resolution approved in August.

Germantown officials discuss future apartments

The resolution would continue to ban single use apartment buildings, except when in mixed-use development projects.

Like the mixed used development project proposed at the Carrefour at Kirby Woods.

Developers want to turn the space into not only retail -- but a boutique hotel, office space and apartments.

If the mayor and board of aldermen resolution is ultimately approved these developers would not be out of compliance.

Developers with the Carrefour project still have to be approved by the board of alderman.

There will be a public hearing on new apartments being built in Germantown in November.

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