Memphis man gifted with new home; surprise caught on camera

Mid-South man received unexpected gift, a new home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis man’s act of kindness has now been seen by thousands. It was the gift of a home.

The act of kindness that brought Greg Boyd to his knees.

Sherman S. Brown and his lovely Wife Tamika McGill Brown gifted my employee, Greg & his family with a HOUSE TODAY...

Posted by Christopher E Beavers on Saturday, October 26, 2019

The gift of a place to call home for Greg Boyd came from his cousin, Sherman Brown, Saturday. When Brown bought the home last month his plan was to rent it.

“I didn’t put the sign in the yard until Friday. And Saturday I was driving, Saturday, and I called my wife and I said ‘I think I am going to give this house to Greg and she was like OK, let’s go,” said Brown.

The last several years have been a struggle for Boyd, in and out of prison.

“I always was striving to try to do better. I know I ain’t the best person in the world,” said Boyd.

But now with a wife, a 2-year-old son and a good job, the new home on Maple Avenue begins a new chapter. It’s a chance to start fresh and put down roots.

With help from Boyd’s boss, who filmed the video, Brown devised a plan to get his cousin to the home by asking him to help move a refrigerator.

“He tossed me the keys and I about, I thought it was a joke or something. And he was like, ‘uh huh this is yours’. My own house I said, 'my little boy is going to jump over here and play. I am just so happy,” said Boyd.

Two days later, the joy of becoming a first-time time homeowner hasn’t faded. All thanks to man with a big heart who knows the importance of second chances.

“God blessed me to make it in life to live to see the world. But when I see people who is trying I always thought the system don’t forgive but God does,” said Brown.

Boyd and his family plan to move in to their new home this weekend.

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