Rainy, windy & cold ahead!

Rainy, windy & cold ahead!
Futurecast (Source: WMC Futurecast)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - I don’t know about you but I am ready for sunshine. It’s be overcast since Friday but who’s tracking. The problem is we are going to have to wait a little while longer before we see the sun again. In fact, it is going to get wetter before it gets better. Let’s review the timeline:

  • Tonight rain will move in late and you may even hear thunder. Rain will be heavy for some.
Futurecast (Source: WMC Futurecast)

By the time we reach the Wednesday morning commute the heaviest rain looks to shift east.

Morning Commute
Morning Commute (Source: Morning Commute)

Rain will continue off and on through Wednesday.

And then there is Thursday...

Futurecast Rain
Futurecast Rain (Source: Futurecast Rain)

Rain will likely impact the Thursday morning commute and it’s not just the rain, its the tttt.. temperatures (my attempt at shivering while saying temperatures). Temperatures will be in the 40s Thursday morning and even when the rain moves out, by Thursday afternoon we will remain in the 40s! Brrrr!

Rain moving out
Rain moving out (Source: Rain moving out)

Timeline & Impacts:

  • Off and on rain late tonight through Thursday afternoon, rain could be heavy at times
  • An isolated strong or severe storm possible but widespread severe weather is not expected
  • Gusty northwest winds on Thursday. Damage threat is minimal at best because wind speeds are expected to stay below 40 mph. A few downed limbs are possible and plenty of leaves blowing around.
Wind Forecast
Wind Forecast (Source: Wind Forecast)
  • Temperatures will stay in the 40s on Thursday and fall close to freezing Thursday night. The last time we had highs in the 40s was early March. This is one strong system.
  • Rainfall amounts will vary but the range will be 1 to 2″
Estimated Rainfall
Estimated Rainfall (Source: Estimated Rainfall)

Sunshine returns by the end of the week but temperatures will stay well below average!


Sagay Galindo

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