Wicked wind chill on Halloween!

Wicked wind chill on Halloween!
Freeze Watch (Source: Freeze Watch)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s no trick and definitely not a treat when it comes to the wind chill we will feel on Halloween! Rain will move out before sunrise on Thursday, We start off the morning feeling close to freezing and for some below!!! Actual temperatures will be in the upper 30s and 40s. The temperatures themselves already cold but a little bit of a breeze will make it feel more uncomfortable for some.

7 AM Feels Like
7 AM Feels Like (Source: 7 AM Feels Like)

It will feel like the 30s by 7 PM. Thankfully dry!

7 PM wind chill
7 PM wind chill (Source: 7 PM wind chill)

Colder temperatures will arrive on Friday morning, and because of the colder temperatures a freeze watch has been issued. This means temperatures are expected to be at freezing (32 degrees) or dip below freezing.

Freeze Watch
Freeze Watch (Source: Freeze Watch)

Temperatures will gradually go back up but even when they do warm up, we will still remain below normal.

Temp Trend
Temp Trend (Source: Temp Trend)

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