County investigating allegations against corrections director

County investigating allegations against corrections director

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - An investigation is underway after explosive allegations were leveled against the Shelby County corrections division director.

A former corrections employee says he has evidence the director doesn't live in Shelby County, as required by law.

On Wednesday, Gerald Green, a retired corrections officer, presented Shelby County commissioners and news reporters with documents, photos and video from a private investigator.

Green says it proves Shelby County corrections division director Anthony Alexander lives at a residence in Tipton County.

Green says a Memphis address that Alexander claims to live at is an empty apartment.

Shelby County's charter says all employees who are appointed, like the corrections director, must live in Shelby County, according to a county attorney.

Green says corrections employees, who he says are being mistreated by Alexander, brought this to his attention.

"I've been retired. I'm living my best life. It's not personal," said Green. "It's about the people that I left behind that's called upon me to do something, so I'm trying to help them."

Green says Alexander retaliated against corrections employees who spoke out against his leadership.

Shelby County chief administrative officer Dwan Gilliom, who was recently appointed to his position, said he spoke to Alexander about the allegations.

"Director Alexander has informed me that this is all old information that the previous administration was well aware of the fact that he did own property outside of Shelby County," said Gilliom. "But he currently resides inside of Shelby County, where he pays rent, basic utility bills and everything else that is necessary, including where his car and driver's license is registered."

Gilliom says Alexander told him the previous administration’s human resources department "pretty much gave him a thumbs up in terms of his living arrangements."

Green also claimed Alexander's sister bought property from the county land bank, which county employees are banned from doing, and then gave that property to her brother.

Gilliom said Alexander feels the allegations could be the result of how he leaders the corrections division.

"One of the reasons why Director Alexander feels that these allegations have been made against him is he feels that he's a strong disciplinarian, and some of the employees have a problem with that," said Gilliom.

Gilliom says Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, who appointed Alexander to his current position, has been made aware of these allegations.

Mayor Harris also met privately with commissioners Wednesday morning.

No word on how long this investigation will take.

Alexander did not attend the county commission meeting on Wednesday.

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