Fans gear up for College GameDay weather on Beale Street

Fans gear up for College GameDay weather on Beale Street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It will be a chilly kick-off Saturday as the Tigers take on SMU, but it will be an even chillier morning Downtown during ESPN’s College GameDay. Friday, the day before the nationally televised event, is all about gearing up to bundle up.

Rain or shine. Hot or cold. Tigers fans are always ready to cheer their team on and with new gear the cold is nothing to fear.

“We have some hoodies and long sleeve shirts,” one fan said. “We'll be wearing a couple of layers."

With about 24 hours to go until Saturday’s 6:30 p.m. Tigers vs. SMU kick-off, fans were at Tiger Bookstore loading up on their last-minute layers. At kickoff, temperatures are forecast to be in the 40s. Saturday morning on Beale Street for College GameDay we will only see the 30s.

"We found a jacket,” one fan said. “We found ear muffs and a headband and t-shirts for my staff."

“This is our time of year,” Bass Pros Shops at the Pyramid GM David Hagel said. “We’ve gone from the Memphis summer right into winter.”

Hagel expects foot traffic for those heading to Beale Street from College GameDay -- especially those from the visiting team.

“They’re coming from Texas or wherever they’re coming they’ll be a little warmer than when they get here,” he said.

Hagel said people are grabbing gloves, hats, insulated socks and everything in between. He expects a pile of hand warmers to be gone by kickoff.

He’s even noticing fans grabbing one extra layer and buying stadium blankets.

“Even though you’re bundled up with your insulated socks, your boots, your jackets and your hats maybe you’re going to want those throws to throw over the top,” Hagel said.

For Memphis Tigers fans it’s better to have too many layers than having to sit the game out.

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