Man accused of stealing thousands from different employers

Man accused of stealing thousands from different employers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Mid-South business owner says one of his employees helped himself to thousands of dollars in cash from the register.

“He worked for 10 days and got $7,000, actually more,” said Hani Bani Hassan, store owner.

Hassan owns the Valero store at Park and Highland.

He says one of his employees, Tayseer Abushanab, stole from him and he has the surveillance video to prove it.

Footage shows Abushanab with the cash register drawer open. He takes money out for the customer, but he also puts cash to the side and then pockets it.

Hassan said he did it from all three of his cash registers. He called police who showed up and put handcuffs on Abushanab, and eventually put him in the back of a squad car.

It does not appear that Abushanab has been charged with this crime and it is not clear why.

Hassan said he got the proper paperwork before he hired Abushanab, who does have a record.

He has a recent record that Hassan wouldn’t have known about when he hired Abushanab.

“He’s a thief and I find out after he takes my money,” said Hassan.

According to a police affidavit, on Oct. 11, the owner of the BP on Lamar saw Abushanab break into his office and take almost $3,000 in cash. The store owner recognized Abushanab because he used to work for him.

On Oct. 22, the owner of Kirby Fuel and Foods saw Abushanab on surveillance video. He walked into the store, went to the restroom and into a storage room. Then he walked out with a black duffle bag filled with $4,500 worth of cigarettes, blank checks, lottery tickets and cash. The store owner recognized Abushanab because he is a former employee.

In 2016, Abushanab was arrested at a store he owned on South Parkway and charged with having a stolen handgun, and more than 30 grams of marijuana in a styrofoam cup.

Police believe he was selling the marijuana.

Hani Bani Hassan just wanted to warn people about Tayseer Abushanab.

Abushanab is currently behind bars.

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