ESPN anchor challenges Jerry Lawler ahead of College GameDay

“Come on down Jerry!”

ESPN anchor challenges Jerry Lawler ahead of College GameDay

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The vibe for College GameDay surrounding the Memphis Tigers vs SMU Mustangs Top 25 matchup at the Liberty Bowl is already turnt up, and we’ve still got about 24 hours until kickoff.

The scene on Beale Street is already crazy as the U of M band, cheerleaders, and even the team is already on hand, getting everybody caught up in the excitement.

Memphis Head Coach Mike Norvell is definitely taking it all in.

The ESPN GameDay crew is just as excited --- not just about the game, but about The King, Jerry Lawler, who will be the Guest Picker on the show.

One anchor is even laying the smack down for the Wrestling Hall of Famer's appearance.

“I would say this to Jerry... I’m not going to call him what he calls himself. I would say this to Jerry Lawler. He is a wrestler that I enjoyed watching growing up, and he is a great showman for sure, but he’s in Memphis," said Rece Davis, host. "And if he dares call himself royalty in this city, the home of the King of Rock and Roll, he better bring it Saturday morning. He had better, no half stepping. If I catch Jerry Lawler half stepping, I will come off the top rope. There will be an atomic elbow smash, and he might be on the business end of a piledriver. So, he better watch out. Come on down Jerry!”

Sounds like somebody’s going to get the strap pulled down on them when Lawler hits the set Saturday morning on Beale.

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