Josh Kelly talks episode 7 of ‘Bluff City Law’ where Collierville serves as the backdrop

Josh Kelly talks episode 7 of ‘Bluff City Law’ where Collierville serves as the backdrop

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Twitter has been sounding off about Team Jake or Team Robbie since the last episode of “Bluff City Law” aired.

“We don't like each other in the beginning because he likes my ex-wife,” Actor Josh Kelly, who plays Robbie, said. “And I definitely like my ex-wife.”

Kelly who portrays Robbie, Sydney Strait’s police detective ex-husband, has some big news on the next steps in Robbie and Jake’s relationship on Monday’s episode of “Bluff City Law.”

“Team Robbie and Team Jake kind of coalesce and become Team ‘Rake’,” Kelly said.

Robbie wants to help Jake with the George Bell case, the teacher freed from prison where he spent decades for a crime he didn't commit.

“We start treating each other humanly,” Kelly said.

As Robbie and Jake mend fences, Sydney, Elijah and Briana take on a pill mill in rural Tennessee. The team zeroes in on one of the doctors writing all those prescriptions.

“It's a dark, dirty, weird thing that's been happening,” Kelly said.

Officials in Collierville will be watching this episode closely.

Collierville serves as backdrop for 'Bluff City Law' episode 7

“We knew [the episode they were shooting] had something to do with an opioid problem and a small town,” Collierville Public Information Officer Jennifer Casey said.

In September, the “Bluff City Law” cast and crew spent a few days in Collierville. For some scenes the town was used as the backdrop of a fictional town. One picture taken of a prop in the Collierville Town Square called the town ‘McCrae.’

Monday’s episode is similar to the storyline Casey was privy to.

“They talked about the [filming at the Town] Square,” Casey said. “They talked about needing things like an office and a pharmacy.”

Even with a gritty subject matter, Casey is glad the crew found Collierville helpful.

“We were happy to provide that backdrop because we do have those small-town qualities,” Casey said.

Casey said most of the scenes were shot at the Town Square and inside Town Hall. Mayor Stan Joyner’s office was transformed for some scenes. Many of his pictures of Collierville were taken down so they would not interfere with story of the fictional town.

In the end Mayor Joyner was thrilled to let the crew use his office, and he even got a handwritten thank you note from star Jimmy Smits.

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