‘No Confidence’ vote for Shelby County Corrections Director

"No Confidence" Vote

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -A Vote of No Confidence for the Director of the Shelby County Department of Corrections. The vote came Monday night during the Shelby County Commission meeting.

“This has been an ongoing issue that's come up again and again and it has not been addressed,” said Commissioner Amber Mills who was the original sponsor of the resolution. Mills says she and other commissioners have been bombarded with complaints regarding Division of Corrections director Anthony Alexander.

It reached a fever pitch last week when retired corrections officer Gerald Green presented Shelby County commissioners in committee with documents, photos and video from a private investigator showing Alexander lived outside Shelby County in Tipton County .

If true, that’s a violation of the county’s charter.

“The guy needs to go because he violated the law,” said Green.

Green was back Tuesday along with a current corrections officer to address Commissioners who said Alexander is not fit to lead.

“I guess people get in a position of power. They don’t know how to talk to people, disrespect people,” said Green. “They still have policies in place, but it doesn’t apply to certain ones. It’s not fair.”

In the vote of no confidence resolution it cites his “alleged lack of compliance with the county’s charter” and " his alleged lack of diplomacy, motivation and team building skills" and that the time is ripe for new leadership.

Tuesday's vote puts the decision about what to do about Alexander squarely in the hands of Mayor Lee Harris who appointed him back in January.

“I don’t like that its come to this. Alexander has done some good things, but it keeps coming back and where there’s smoke there’s got to be some fire somewhere,” said Mills.

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