DECISION 2019: Mississippi voters head to the polls to elect offices statewide

DECISION 2019: Mississippi voters head to the polls to elect offices statewide

JACKSON, Miss. (WMC) - Mississippi voters are deciding on several statewide races including lieutenant governor and attorney general -- but the big race everyone is watching governor.

Even the President is watching closely.

In the closing days of the campaign, we’ve seen President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence visit Mississippi in an effort to persuade people to support Tate Reeves.

Current Lieutenant Governor Reeves finds himself in what polls show is a surprisingly close race with Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, the Democratic nominee for governor.

DECISION 2019: Governor's race being closely watched

Political analysts say in many ways the governor's race is about Trump and how voters feel about the impeachment investigation happening in Congress.

Reeves has repeatedly tried to tie Hood to national Democrats and says he's the only candidate running for governor who stands with the president.

However, Hood has tried to keep this race focused on Mississippi issues like improving schools and healthcare.

WMC political analyst Mike Nelson says he doesn't think Trump will necessarily be a big factor.

“Jim Hood and Tate Reeves have both run so many commercials of which we’ve all seen again and again that I think they’ve each had an opportunity to get their message through to the voters 40 and President Trump’s late appearance in the campaign is not going to dilute that,” said Nelson.

Nelson says research shows that when a president gets involved in any race.. it can not only help the candidate the president is campaigning for... it can also help their opponent.

A Morning Consult poll shows the president's approval rating in Mississippi hovering around 60 percent.

Reeves is counting on the president’s popularity to translate into a win for him.

DECISION 2019: Race for Mississippi governor

Though the most recent poll shows Tate Reeves with a 3 percentage point advantage, political analysts still say anything could happen on Election Day.

Jim Hood has been elected by Mississippi voters four times as attorney general.

Hood believes his name recognition will carry him to victory, along with a focus on the campaign trail of Mississippi issues.

“A lot of moderates will vote for me in this race a lot of republicans will come over,” said Hood.

Reeves has painted Hood as a “Washington liberal.”

“I just don’t believe they’re going to go to the polls to vote for a liberal democrat,” said Reeves.

Tuesday night's results will show whether Republicans in Mississippi rallied around Tate Reeves in support after he was forced into a runoff election with retired Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller in late August.

Reeves got 54 percent of the vote to Waller’s 46 percent.

Both candidates and their teams and supporters are awaiting returns in Jackson once polls.

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