Police: Daughter reports father for physical assault

Police: Daughter reports father for physical assault
Hector Flores , 36 (Source: WMC/MPD)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis man is behind bars for the alleged aggravated assault and neglect of a child after his daughter told the police she’d been physically assaulted.

According to an affidavit, the daughter of 36-year-old Hector Flores told officers her father accused her of taking something. She told police she denied her father’s accusation -- he then began pulling her hair and dragging her around the room.

The affidavit says the girl was pushed to the ground, kicked in her the side, hit with a belt multiple times and punched in the face. Detectives could see bruises at the time of the report.

Flores allegedly told police he only hit her twice while using a belt to spank her because she had a habit of taking things. Police say he told them his nephew’s marijuana went missing from his room before the incident happened.

Police say they asked Flores about the bruising to her face, arms and legs -- Flores had no answers.

Detectives arrested Flores Sunday and took the belt for evidence.

Flores is charged with aggravated child abuse.

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