Experts suggest winterizing your home ahead of season

Experts suggest winterizing your home ahead of season

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - With temperatures expected to fall into the 40s and even 30s, some of us will be turning up the heat and using space heaters.

"Temperatures dropping as we speak and as these temps begin to fall the alternate heating sources are going to come out,” said Brent Perkins with the Shelby County Fire Department.

Perkins says around this time of year they begin to see an increase in calls related to fire dangers.

“I smell smoke in the house or something's burning and I can't figure out where it is,” said Perkins.

During this upcoming cold spell, many of us might be bringing out those space heaters or lighting candles. Perkins says if you do just be mindful.

"Do they have working tip switches? If it gets knocked over is it going to shut off? Are the cords frayed? Let's no run those extension cords underneath carpeting,” said Perkins.

Bill Kellum with Choate's also suggests before you turn on your heater have a professional take a look.

"There's lots of dangers with carbon monoxide if the system is breached and we want to make sure the families are safe,” said Kellum.

Don't forget to also check your filter.

"You're stuck in the house. There's more germs in the house and changing the filter will help if you have asthma or other breathing difficulties,” said Kellum.

One of the most common issues during this time are pipes bursting.

"When it gets really cold you want to leave the faucets dripping a little bit during the night just to make sure that they don’t freeze overnight,” said Kellum.

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